More deep dream inceptionism.

Exploring the deep dream octave setting.


So here we have one of the early works of aronimus. Landscape at Dusk.  I fiddled around with the octave value, but otherwise left all the other parameters alone.

The original image is an acrylic on canvas piece involving extensive dry brush techniques.  Which isn’t all that obvious from the mediocre photo I took…  😛


Landscape at Dusk Original Painting

At an octave value of 2 we have not much of a change.  Just an overlay of interesting shapes and eyeballs.

aronimus-landscapeduskoctave 2 #deepdream deep dream octave setting

Landscape at Dusk – Octave 2

At an octave value of 7, things get rather interesting.  3d writhing worm like creatures,  a figure with a deformed head and where did that duck come from?

aronimus-landscapeduskoctave 7 deep dream octave setting

Landscape at Dusk – Octave 7

Quite a different result with an octave level of 10.

aronimus-landscapeduskoctave 10 deep dream octave setting

Landscape at Dusk – Octave 10

I had a big play around with photos of oil refineries the other night and was going to post them but they were simply not all that interesting.  A machine working repetitively on the imagery of a rather linear and repetitive machine created all very repetitive and linear results. Yawn…  Though may have been more interesting if I had done what I did tonight with some octave tweaking.  I shall revisit a couple and see if they become worthy of the internets…  Or maybe warp them a bit in photoshop. Yes.. that could work.



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