About the artist.

Back some time ago,  aronimus – the wandering artist and sage did roam his way across South East Asia.
Stopping at many a town and tumble down ruin along the way he doth take many a photo and draw a great many pictures… He did muse and ramble and observe.

The Chronicles of aronimus  (the non-prophet) are located here: http://aronimus.blogspot.co.nz/

On returning to the land of his birth he did find himself in a tower down town and alas the wandering sage was all but lost.  He festered away in the tower while the photos and drawings did do naught but occupy magnetic dots on his hard drive and pages in his diary.  That is, until transiting Uranus did align with Mars in his 7th house.  The almighty upset of this significant event did bring upon a rebirth of the artist and sage!

Welcome to the chronicle of the new, reborn, wandering artist and sage, aronimus a.k.a. Harun bin Perci al Zelandi.  Here you will find creations derived from the the material gathered from that time along with fresh musings both written and visual.

Here’s a link to the original site: http://aronimus.com/old_site/

Beer and noodles

The artist in contemplation




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