Playing with lego leads aronimus to muse on this long known fact that nothing is created in a vacuum.

The Cubic Structural Evolution Project

The City Gallery in Wellington have an exhibition on at the moment called Demented Architecture

The centrepiece, Olafur Eliasson’s The Cubic Structural Evolution Project has drawn me back numerous times for a lunch time session.  It is basically a collaborative art project.  A table full of white Lego that one can sit down at and do their part in the creation of a cityscape.   Well, I’m not sure that a cityscape is even the aim of the exercise as I didn’t read the blurb, but that’s what was being created when I was there.

Olafur Eliasson: The cubic structural evolution project

Olafur Eliasson: The cubic structural evolution project

On the first visit I tried to start from scratch.   In the meager time available, surrounded by these great behemoth structures, I frantically worked at creating my own worthy addition.  The finished result was of course, mediocre by comparison and gone when I went back the next day.  I was not surprised at all.

Having taken on some wisdom from the experience, this second time I created a beast headed robot figure standing with his hands forming a namaste.  This beast, though relatively ordinary on its own, found it rightful place high up on the front of another creator or creators great temple.  With grand staircase below and mighty DNA representative tower behind him.   Two days later I went back and my mighty beast had survived, albeit with some minor modifications.

Olafur Eliasson: The cubic structural evolution project

Lego Towers

On the next visit I found the remains of a fallen behemoth that had donated some of it’s very being to the rise of some other great creation.  It was a worthy tower in its own right so I crafted unto it a sturdy new base, crowned it with the top taken off another  tower and built a rather solid bridge across to the even mightier high rise next to it.  The creation shalt thus survive until there is either no pissant little creation nearby to dismantle.  Or it gets in the way of another persons grand vision.  Much like real life really.


“Our whole civilisation is a collaborative effort”


Which set the old brain in motion in the direction of the old adage that no art is created in a vacuum.  Even more so, nothing at all is.  Everything we do is inspired by something else.  A lot of what we create relies on the efforts of others.  Our whole civilisation is a collaborative effort.  The western world has this fixation with protecting intellectual property as if the person that came up with this particular slant on an idea should hold all rights to it and woe unto anyone that dare create anything remotely similar.   Then we end up with bollocks like Apple trying to  patent round corners on a device or  the Mavin Gaye’s greedy family vs Pharrell and Robin Thicke case.  If we stifle the ability of others to build upon our creations then we stifle innovation.  We limit that which can be created.

Anyway…   here’s a dreamified deepdream version just because.

Deepdream lego city

Deepdream lego city

Anyway, go down there and play with some Lego.  Though best be quick about it cos the gallery is closing on the 10th for quite some time.


More deep dream inceptionism.

Exploring the deep dream octave setting.


So here we have one of the early works of aronimus. Landscape at Dusk.  I fiddled around with the octave value, but otherwise left all the other parameters alone.

The original image is an acrylic on canvas piece involving extensive dry brush techniques.  Which isn’t all that obvious from the mediocre photo I took…  😛


Landscape at Dusk Original Painting

At an octave value of 2 we have not much of a change.  Just an overlay of interesting shapes and eyeballs.

aronimus-landscapeduskoctave 2 #deepdream deep dream octave setting

Landscape at Dusk – Octave 2

At an octave value of 7, things get rather interesting.  3d writhing worm like creatures,  a figure with a deformed head and where did that duck come from?

aronimus-landscapeduskoctave 7 deep dream octave setting

Landscape at Dusk – Octave 7

Quite a different result with an octave level of 10.

aronimus-landscapeduskoctave 10 deep dream octave setting

Landscape at Dusk – Octave 10

I had a big play around with photos of oil refineries the other night and was going to post them but they were simply not all that interesting.  A machine working repetitively on the imagery of a rather linear and repetitive machine created all very repetitive and linear results. Yawn…  Though may have been more interesting if I had done what I did tonight with some octave tweaking.  I shall revisit a couple and see if they become worthy of the internets…  Or maybe warp them a bit in photoshop. Yes.. that could work.



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deep dream infection

On July 8, 2015, in Digital, Painting, by aronimus

aronimus discovers deep dream and manages to actually make it work!

So after traipsing through the creative desert for some time now aronimus stumbled across this juicy visual goodness that is Googles deep dream.  Not being content with looking at the creations of others, or queuing in line on the overloaded servers making this tech available to the masses, yours truly did set his mind into ubergeek mode.  The task:  with no knowledge of Python and scant knowledge of programming or linux for that matter, make Googles code work on his trusty, if aging, i7.

The code is actually quite easy to use.  Getting the linux VM up to run it… not so easy.  But after 2 evening’s of brain hurting exertions….  here are some of the early results.

temple ruin aronimus #deepdream

temple ruin viewed through the lens of deep dream

Not sure I’m down with all the dogs that keep coming up.  Apparently this is because of the copious amount of cute doggy pics in the the Google dataset.   Must look into finding a way to load other datasets.  Managed to get what one could only call a hipposlug in the picture above though.   Interestingly the Hermit managed to come through looking much the same.  Could this be that the image is in the dataset so the neural net actually knows what it is so no need to invent fanciful interpretations?  Not sure what that is bottom right.  A morbidly obese Jack Russel?

#deepdream landscape by aronimus

Deep dream landscape

Rather pleased with this rainbow hued kaleidoscope of weirdness.


Cliff Walk #deepdream infection

Cliff Walk deep dream infection

Defintely pleased with Eketahuna’s Cliff Walk land of mutated forest dwellers.

Because Google were feeling generous I’m feeling generous too.

Here’s how I got it going….

Though with some minor changes.

1. No need to use Powershell.  Use the command prompt
2. No need to set the path variable, it does it itself.
3. For those unfamiliar with navigating a filesystem in Linux…  If you can’t find the ‘vagrant’ folder once you get the VM running…  type “cd /” then “ls”

The last attempt for tonight…

#deepdream aronimus

Cosmic! Those dogs again though…


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