Here we see the hidden junction at Kaitoki Regional Park.  The location of the mythical Rivendell.  Founded by Elrond and home of the elves.

A path runs through the rainforest there.  Winding its way among fern and tree.  Uma and Harun walk this path and stop in a small clearing before a great tree.  They pause for a photo opportunity.  Totally unaware of the hidden junction they are standing upon.    A fire elemental doth materialise from a portal in the path.  They become aware of a choice before them.  One could continue on down the usual path as most everyone else has before…  Or one could take the fork to the right.  Wander off into the forest and seek the primate self.  To devolve.  To shed all trappings of civilisation and reside in the forest.    The sharp eyed crow is down that path.  Watching and waiting…

Choice to devolve.  Hidden junction at Kaitoki. Uma. Harun

Uma pauses for a photo opportunity. Completely unaware of the going on around him.

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