Here we see the hidden junction at Kaitoki Regional Park.  The location of the mythical Rivendell.  Founded by Elrond and home of the elves.

A path runs through the rainforest there.  Winding its way among fern and tree.  Uma and Harun walk this path and stop in a small clearing before a great tree.  They pause for a photo opportunity.  Totally unaware of the hidden junction they are standing upon.    A fire elemental doth materialise from a portal in the path.  They become aware of a choice before them.  One could continue on down the usual path as most everyone else has before…  Or one could take the fork to the right.  Wander off into the forest and seek the primate self.  To devolve.  To shed all trappings of civilisation and reside in the forest.    The sharp eyed crow is down that path.  Watching and waiting…

Choice to devolve.  Hidden junction at Kaitoki. Uma. Harun

Uma pauses for a photo opportunity. Completely unaware of the going on around him.

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Musing on the astrological ages

On May 17, 2014, in Musing, by aronimus

Harun was pondering on the astrological ages the other day and found this site which he felt a compelling urge to share with you.
It gives a good good run down, rich in historical detail and symbolism.

It’s a rather lengthy read and unless you’re into technical details I’d suggest skipping down to the section The Ages of Leo – Taurus

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Knowledge of ones own mortality

On May 4, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

One becomes aware of ones own mortality.

While writing this up, I did ponder on these lyrics by Sublime while looking upon this creation.

Life is too short so love the one you got,
Cos you might get run over or you might get shot

Death is coming for all of us…   it maybe tomorrow or 60 years from now.
Compared to the scale of the great workings of the universe, our time here is so very, very short.

The sharp eyed crow sits at the end of the row of meditating figures.  He’ll claim us all in the end.
Whilst we still draw breath, it might be prudent to pour ones energy into what the heart wants.


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Stand still for a moment – Ta Prohm

On April 29, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

Stand still for a moment…  Perfectly still.   Look around you and take in the workings of the universe.

Harun was walking through the botanic gardens some years back.  There had been a recent volcanic eruption in South America.  Up near the observatory he did see the full moon rise above the Rimutaka ranges  and it was blood red.  He then did sit upon a park bench and marvel at this most wondrous natural phenomena!

Whilst taking it in, he did look upon the the suits busily walking past on their way home…  tuned into their iPods, horse blinkers on walking flat out in an almighty great hurry.  Only one guy actually noticed it and briefly stopped to observe the rare sight before continuing on his way.  Everyone else was oblivious.

As we rush through the daily tasks of our busy lives, it is so easy to miss the beautiful things that make life worth living.  Stand still for a moment and see what you’re missing.


Stand still for a moment - Ta Prohm

This scene is happening in a secluded corner of  Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia.

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Unlock the workings of the cosmos

Sala Keoku is a fantastic statue garden located near Nong Khai in Thailand.  The place is some sort of cult based on a fusion of Buddhist and Hindu practices.

a r o n i m u s sees this particular scene happening as thus…

The women pictured is doing some form of meditation or Qigong style practice.   As she works with the energies within and without, the greater workings of the cosmos become apparent.  The fractal structures that make up all things subtly illuminate in the background while the great spheres of the solar system endlessly turn over head.  Though pictured as Radix Chart rather than a figurative sense.


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