Unlock the workings of the cosmos

Sala Keoku is a fantastic statue garden located near Nong Khai in Thailand.  The place is some sort of cult based on a fusion of Buddhist and Hindu practices.

a r o n i m u s sees this particular scene happening as thus…

The women pictured is doing some form of meditation or Qigong style practice.   As she works with the energies within and without, the greater workings of the cosmos become apparent.  The fractal structures that make up all things subtly illuminate in the background while the great spheres of the solar system endlessly turn over head.  Though pictured as Radix Chart rather than a figurative sense.


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  1. […] on in the piece, your humble narrator did muse about a place in Thailand and Laos called Sala Kae Ku.   Wandering into his hotel one night in Nong Khai he chanced upon a piece of black and white […]

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