As per the zen proverb…
“Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water”

A musing on works created whilst one should be doing something else.

Works created whilst one should be doing something else

I suspect this was a self portrait drawn as I pondered the greater workings of the universe whilst stuck in a corporate meeting room.

I, aronimus, artist and sage have a confession to make. Alas, unlike notable sages such as Gandhi and the Buddha, my working class background has beset upon me the need for gainful employment.

Currently working by day as a Service Desk Analyst for a bank be your humble narrator.  This involves the riveting tasks of resetting passwords and explaining why their flaky systems have crashed.  Such a role has instilled within me the trait of “radical honesty”.  “Yes, that application is poorly written and crashes all the time, it is the bane of my existence”.   This is probably distressing to my employer but I simply cannot bring myself to lie in defense of the poorly constructed infrastructure that I must support.

Works created whilst one should be doing something else

Landscape surrounded by customer numbers and telco product pricings

I have the ability to be an artist of significance yet would feel like a fraud if I did,  for my art is a derivative of the “real” work I do.  My best work is conceived while I am supposed to be doing something else.  Memories of complex doodlings during maths class come to mind…  The trippy miniature worlds during dull corporate meetings…  Weird creatures comprised of foliage whilst waiting on hold on the phones…

To breeze into corporate work yet feel like a fraud just being there.   It is this compulsion to tread the middle path that is my undoing.
How does once reconcile a stellar CV comprised of conservative blue chip corporates with a compelling urge to be different and a repressed need to create?

Works created whilst one should be doing something else

Who are these strange beings that came unto me whist stuck at my desk contemplating ADSL plans and fixed IP addresses?


Anyway, this post is dedicated to works that were done whilst I was supposed to be doing something else…

Works created whilst one should be doing something else

Weird chicks and cute boney pets in URL land

Works created whilst one should be doing something else

Organic humanoid randomness

p.s.  I would like to thank my corporate sponsors that were paying me during the creation of these pieces….  you know who you are…

p.p.s. Click on my damn ads if they remotely interest you!  Over 1000 unique visitors this months and counting yet not one click on an ad… even I see ads from time to time that get my interest yet I’m not allowed to click on them due to the TOC.   Maybe it’s karma for running an ad blocker on my own browser…  😛

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