Contemplation of Greater Insight

On May 23, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

The woman on the rock sits there sunning herself.  Engaged in the contemplation of greater insight.  This does not specifically mean she has received greater insight on anything in particular.  Merely giving thought to the concept.


Contemplation of Greater Insight

The Fishermans Wife. Kep – Cambodia

This statue is known as The Fishermans Wife and located in the former resort town of Kep in Cambodia.  When aronimus visited Kep it was pretty much all in ruins.  A scattering of stripped out villas left over from the french colonial days.

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Here we have some musings on the painting known as First Contact.

Strange space faring biological entities descend through the vaporous atmosphere of a new world.
The many tentacled queen, some scouts and workers are about to touch down.  Ground zero for the new colony.

What are these creatures that have come to be?
That have evolved beyond mere atmospheric flight.  Evolved to the point that interstellar travel is possible.  Vacuum adapted and immensely powerful.

Roaming the cosmos for aeons in search of new homes.
Are they peaceful? Do they have combat abilities?   Time will tell.


First contact

Strange space faring biological entities descend through the vaporous atmosphere of a new world.



Here we see the hidden junction at Kaitoki Regional Park.  The location of the mythical Rivendell.  Founded by Elrond and home of the elves.

A path runs through the rainforest there.  Winding its way among fern and tree.  Uma and Harun walk this path and stop in a small clearing before a great tree.  They pause for a photo opportunity.  Totally unaware of the hidden junction they are standing upon.    A fire elemental doth materialise from a portal in the path.  They become aware of a choice before them.  One could continue on down the usual path as most everyone else has before…  Or one could take the fork to the right.  Wander off into the forest and seek the primate self.  To devolve.  To shed all trappings of civilisation and reside in the forest.    The sharp eyed crow is down that path.  Watching and waiting…

Choice to devolve.  Hidden junction at Kaitoki. Uma. Harun

Uma pauses for a photo opportunity. Completely unaware of the going on around him.

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He we see primordial forces at work.  Engaged in the process of creation.

Primordial forces.   A cosmic influence from space  interacts with the young planet.  Elements and strange gravitational forces combine to form a biosphere.

Primordial Forces and the Process of Creation - aronimus

Here we see primordial forces engaged in the process of creation.

Pondering on creation.

Many a man hour has been spent musing on how this all came about.  Religion and Science strive to answer these questions.  Was there a big bang?  A colossal explosion and every thing formed aimlessly from there.  This image could indeed fit in with such a scenario.  Intelligent design.  Did an almighty being construct all that we are now part of?  This image could be a representation of that too.  It is a depiction of the forces at play.  Melding together.. rearranging.   Everything finding its place in the world.

A place for everything, everything in its place – Benjamin Franklin

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Musing on the astrological ages

On May 17, 2014, in Musing, by aronimus

Harun was pondering on the astrological ages the other day and found this site which he felt a compelling urge to share with you.
It gives a good good run down, rich in historical detail and symbolism.

It’s a rather lengthy read and unless you’re into technical details I’d suggest skipping down to the section The Ages of Leo – Taurus

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Beer or contemplation on greater things

On May 17, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

The artist sits here musing into his visual diary.  Beer or contemplation on greater things.

Having consumed a number of beers he pauses to consider…  should I have a couple more beers and a feed of noodles?   Should I be content with this?  Or should I seek something greater.

Maybe that is what is happening here.
Maybe he’s tripping out, that temples doing some weird warpy shit man… and just maybe a beer and a feed of noodles just might put things straight.  Not sure who normally eats noodles when they’re drinking beers.     Whatever is going on, that crow is looking on as always…

Beer or contemplation on greater things

the artist aronimus sits musing into his visual diary. Images of his past experience warp in the background.

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Harun prepares an abode

On May 14, 2014, in Musing, by aronimus

Harun set foot upon his new lands and did find it pleasing.

Immediately he went to work with the tools of the region, being a tractor with a front end loader and a chainsaw.    He did toil all day long and prepare for himself an abode.   There was a sound location in the corner of a paddock occupied by a dead plum tree, a catholic berry tree and various miscellanea such as corrugated iron, railway sleepers and old Totara fence posts.  With much physical toil and skilled loader operation Harun did clear the area and place Benehines caravan there.  Now there be a large pile of wood ready to be cut up for ceremonial immolation and a worthy abode.

The caravan be attached to the main grid and is soon to have running water.   It has a nice hedge to the west.  Facing the north it doth receive all day sun and looks upon a vista of grass, trees and miscellaneous agricultural relics, potentially from the last century.

There be sheep in the next paddock and hawks fly over head in search of prey.

Harun did ponder upon this new abode and realise that it really had all one could ask for.  Shelter,  Running water and electricity.  People struggle their whole lives to pay off some suburban hovel.  Even more, they continually upgrade, trying to climb that ladder.  Striving for a bigger and better abode.  Maybe a simple life and lodgings could be the answer.


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Harun embarks upon a sabbatical

On May 13, 2014, in Musing, by aronimus

Sabbatical or a sabbatical (from Latin sabbaticus, from Greek sabbatikos, from Hebrew shabbat, i.e., Sabbath, literally a “ceasing”) is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year.

Having tired of the daily grind and general busyness of the city, Harun did have an epiphany and did announce as thus,  “Behold unto me, for I shalt trade this all in and seek a bucolic existence!  A sabbatical in the country for me, it shall be!   He then did load all his worldly possessions on the back of a Toyota Hilux and in a trailer and head forth to the district of Tararua.  Alas, the local deities of the Wellington region were loathe to part with the trapped soul of Harun.  They did smote the Hilux as it made it’s journey and it did come to a halt on the side of the road.  Enshrouded in clouds of steam and trailing a stream of orange water, it was a sorry sight.   Harun was all very puzzled by such goings on for Hiluxes do not break down!  They are indestructible are they not?  Did not Top Gear prove such things?  Renown for their reliability, they are “good for jihad” as a member of the Taliban once quoted.

Harun did ponder on whether he was being smote for having thrown an old framed picture of Jesus into the landfill, that very afternoon.  It happened to land face up, looking right at him and an old Ministry lyric did come to mind.  He did then pronounce   “Higher!  Blasphemer!   Praise Jesus…  Praise Jesus…” for it seemed the right thing to do at the time.  The next day, after having secured his worldly possessions  and safe in the knowledge that a rescue party was on the way, Harun did hang a painting of Christ in the tree in penance.  From his vantage in the forest, Christ did oversee the workings of Harun that morning.    It had become apparent to Harun, whilst sitting in contemplation on the side of the road, that one did not require so many possessions and that they were but a hindrance.  More so, they did put at risk, those things that were important.   He then did renounce a whole wagon load of his worldly possessions and did bestow it upon the landfill and the recycle centre.

A herald from the countryside did come unto Harun and usher him and his diminished worldly possessions unto their new life in the countryside.  A bucolic sabbatical.

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Knowledge of ones own mortality

On May 4, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

One becomes aware of ones own mortality.

While writing this up, I did ponder on these lyrics by Sublime while looking upon this creation.

Life is too short so love the one you got,
Cos you might get run over or you might get shot

Death is coming for all of us…   it maybe tomorrow or 60 years from now.
Compared to the scale of the great workings of the universe, our time here is so very, very short.

The sharp eyed crow sits at the end of the row of meditating figures.  He’ll claim us all in the end.
Whilst we still draw breath, it might be prudent to pour ones energy into what the heart wants.


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