deep dream infection

On July 8, 2015, in Digital, Painting, by aronimus

aronimus discovers deep dream and manages to actually make it work!

So after traipsing through the creative desert for some time now aronimus stumbled across this juicy visual goodness that is Googles deep dream.  Not being content with looking at the creations of others, or queuing in line on the overloaded servers making this tech available to the masses, yours truly did set his mind into ubergeek mode.  The task:  with no knowledge of Python and scant knowledge of programming or linux for that matter, make Googles code work on his trusty, if aging, i7.

The code is actually quite easy to use.  Getting the linux VM up to run it… not so easy.  But after 2 evening’s of brain hurting exertions….  here are some of the early results.

temple ruin aronimus #deepdream

temple ruin viewed through the lens of deep dream

Not sure I’m down with all the dogs that keep coming up.  Apparently this is because of the copious amount of cute doggy pics in the the Google dataset.   Must look into finding a way to load other datasets.  Managed to get what one could only call a hipposlug in the picture above though.   Interestingly the Hermit managed to come through looking much the same.  Could this be that the image is in the dataset so the neural net actually knows what it is so no need to invent fanciful interpretations?  Not sure what that is bottom right.  A morbidly obese Jack Russel?

#deepdream landscape by aronimus

Deep dream landscape

Rather pleased with this rainbow hued kaleidoscope of weirdness.


Cliff Walk #deepdream infection

Cliff Walk deep dream infection

Defintely pleased with Eketahuna’s Cliff Walk land of mutated forest dwellers.

Because Google were feeling generous I’m feeling generous too.

Here’s how I got it going….

Though with some minor changes.

1. No need to use Powershell.  Use the command prompt
2. No need to set the path variable, it does it itself.
3. For those unfamiliar with navigating a filesystem in Linux…  If you can’t find the ‘vagrant’ folder once you get the VM running…  type “cd /” then “ls”

The last attempt for tonight…

#deepdream aronimus

Cosmic! Those dogs again though…


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Beer or contemplation on greater things

On May 17, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

The artist sits here musing into his visual diary.  Beer or contemplation on greater things.

Having consumed a number of beers he pauses to consider…  should I have a couple more beers and a feed of noodles?   Should I be content with this?  Or should I seek something greater.

Maybe that is what is happening here.
Maybe he’s tripping out, that temples doing some weird warpy shit man… and just maybe a beer and a feed of noodles just might put things straight.  Not sure who normally eats noodles when they’re drinking beers.     Whatever is going on, that crow is looking on as always…

Beer or contemplation on greater things

the artist aronimus sits musing into his visual diary. Images of his past experience warp in the background.

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Stand still for a moment – Ta Prohm

On April 29, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

Stand still for a moment…  Perfectly still.   Look around you and take in the workings of the universe.

Harun was walking through the botanic gardens some years back.  There had been a recent volcanic eruption in South America.  Up near the observatory he did see the full moon rise above the Rimutaka ranges  and it was blood red.  He then did sit upon a park bench and marvel at this most wondrous natural phenomena!

Whilst taking it in, he did look upon the the suits busily walking past on their way home…  tuned into their iPods, horse blinkers on walking flat out in an almighty great hurry.  Only one guy actually noticed it and briefly stopped to observe the rare sight before continuing on his way.  Everyone else was oblivious.

As we rush through the daily tasks of our busy lives, it is so easy to miss the beautiful things that make life worth living.  Stand still for a moment and see what you’re missing.


Stand still for a moment - Ta Prohm

This scene is happening in a secluded corner of  Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia.

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