Beholden unto, the re-arrangeable artwork! Some golden ratio geekery in orange hues.

Re-arrangeable Artwork - Golden ratio geekery

This here work was a commission done quite some time ago in exchange for some most excellent acupuncture treatment.  Not the usual palette of aronimus being predominantly orange but it was to the clients desire.  The brief was that it used the golden ratio and was a re-arrangeable artwork in 3 pieces.  aronimus started by constructing canvasses with their dimensions set to the golden ratio which happens to be 1.61803398875.

He then added some guidelines that would allow what ever was painted to link up with the content of the other pieces.  Next came a Fibonacci Spiral as that was also mentioned in the brief.   He then added to it as ideas came to mind.

Re-arrangeable Artwork - Golden ratio geekery

The client did take a look in the early stages and was pleased but advised he would like them to be able to be hung in any direction as well.  By removing the reference of ground, it all became a more complex and confounding piece.  After fiddling around some, aronimus added a forth painting as it allowed for a greater number of arrangements. Thus it was no longer a triptych.  Does that make it a quadtych?

Re-arrangeable Artwork - Golden ratio geekery

On completion it was apparent that a revolutionary new hanging method would need to be devised.  Fortunately aronimus was feeling rather intelligent after working on such a mind expanding piece.  He did very rapidly develop this new super secret and hitherto undivulged hanging method and it worked rather well.

Re-arrangeable Artwork - Golden ratio geekeryAnd so the hanging technique shall remain undivulged….
Though leave a comment if you’d like to know how to do it and aronimus just may tell you.


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