Harun takes the dog for a morning walk in Eketahuna and does some Qigong next to an electrified compound.

The sun did stream in this morning and Harun did venture forth from the freezing cold confines of his caravan.  By night there is a tendency for the skies to clear and many a star can be seen.  The milky way shows itself in magnificent brilliance.  So quiet too….  very peaceful!  Except it is bitterly cold and after a brief observance of the workings of the universe, Harun is forced inside to the relative comfort of his cheap Warehouse oil column heater.  There are benefits to this, for Harun needeth no refrigerator.  Here merely places his milk and beers outside the door.

Cliff Walk - Eketahuna

Vertically growing tree on Cliff Walk.

Having consumed breakfast he took the family dog Mate aka Pukanani aka Manatle for a walk around this small town.   This included Eketahuna’s one and only walking track,  Cliff Walk.   Harun mused unto himself that a rather nice walk it is too.  The sun was streaming down and Harun took in the vista of tree and river and State Highway 2.   This was pleasing unto Harun and he declared this to henceforth be, his super secret gong spot!  It also happened to be right next to some random survivalist’s electrified compound.  There was a 2 metre high electric fence and video cameras and warning signs though the place was clearly uninhabited at present.  He proceed to engage in the Chinese monastic Qigong system Jen Jhi Dao (Pearl Way of Heaven) in front of the local bovine community.  They were not very interested, in fact they were blissfully unaware as they milled about on the river flats below, munching grass and chewing cud.  Mate performed his own gongs the whole time, by gleefully excavating dirt around an old pine tree.  Harun shall go further into Jen Jhi Dao at a later date for it would seem the internet knows not of its very existence.

Ancient Ruins of The Eketahuna Tennis Club

The ancient tennis club ruins situated at Eketahuna

Feeling both relaxed and invigorated from his exertions, Harun and Mate carried on their way.  They came upon a pine forest…  an  overgrown and broken forest it was.   They ventured forth and the forest did yield a large clearing which contained the magnificent ruins of the old Eketahuna Tennis Club.  Some miscreant had sprayed “FTP” upon the wall in blatant disregard for a place of such historic significance!

Now satisfied with their morning adventures, the pair did stroll on back to the abode.


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