deep dream infection

On July 8, 2015, in Digital, Painting, by aronimus

aronimus discovers deep dream and manages to actually make it work!

So after traipsing through the creative desert for some time now aronimus stumbled across this juicy visual goodness that is Googles deep dream.  Not being content with looking at the creations of others, or queuing in line on the overloaded servers making this tech available to the masses, yours truly did set his mind into ubergeek mode.  The task:  with no knowledge of Python and scant knowledge of programming or linux for that matter, make Googles code work on his trusty, if aging, i7.

The code is actually quite easy to use.  Getting the linux VM up to run it… not so easy.  But after 2 evening’s of brain hurting exertions….  here are some of the early results.

temple ruin aronimus #deepdream

temple ruin viewed through the lens of deep dream

Not sure I’m down with all the dogs that keep coming up.  Apparently this is because of the copious amount of cute doggy pics in the the Google dataset.   Must look into finding a way to load other datasets.  Managed to get what one could only call a hipposlug in the picture above though.   Interestingly the Hermit managed to come through looking much the same.  Could this be that the image is in the dataset so the neural net actually knows what it is so no need to invent fanciful interpretations?  Not sure what that is bottom right.  A morbidly obese Jack Russel?

#deepdream landscape by aronimus

Deep dream landscape

Rather pleased with this rainbow hued kaleidoscope of weirdness.


Cliff Walk #deepdream infection

Cliff Walk deep dream infection

Defintely pleased with Eketahuna’s Cliff Walk land of mutated forest dwellers.

Because Google were feeling generous I’m feeling generous too.

Here’s how I got it going….

Though with some minor changes.

1. No need to use Powershell.  Use the command prompt
2. No need to set the path variable, it does it itself.
3. For those unfamiliar with navigating a filesystem in Linux…  If you can’t find the ‘vagrant’ folder once you get the VM running…  type “cd /” then “ls”

The last attempt for tonight…

#deepdream aronimus

Cosmic! Those dogs again though…


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The meaning of life…

On September 20, 2014, in Digital, Musing, Photography, by aronimus

Here we have another chapter on  the life journey of Harun bin Perci al-Zelandi and a wee treatise on that great enigma “The meaning of life”

And lo, Harun Bin Perci al-Zelandi did venture forth unto the countryside and it was all very pleasant up there in his caravan in his paddock, surrounded by lambs and grass and rednecks. By day, hawks flew vigil overhead while bellbirds and tuis called out in the trees. By night, the sound of rampant cattle beasts in the surrounding farm land and sneaksie stock rustlers killing sheep.

Alas, the place was all together uninspiring for the cultured sensitivities of a great prophet and sage.  Hence the total lack of updates. He could write about shit that would be highly amusing but got people in trouble or ramble on about the banalities of eating and sleeping. Much like so many fools Facebook feeds.  Then again, posting images of his fathers cooking disasters could have provided much mirth.

Ultimately though, the meaning of life could not be found in a caravan in a paddock in Eketahuna.  Now, back in the great urbanised locality of the Hutt Valley, Harun shall share his musings with renewed vigour!    Allahu akhbar!

Country retreat

Country retreat

Speaking of the meaning of life…

Early on in the piece, your humble narrator did muse about a place in Thailand and Laos called Sala Kae Ku.   Wandering into his hotel one night in Nong Khai he chanced upon a piece of black and white printed A4 which stated “The meaning of life is in Nong Khai” and happened to be the key to all those confounding mythological statues located at Sala Kae Ku.   He thought he’d share this with his avid readers and random Google searchers…

aronimus took a photo of it, but fortunately another traveller  managed to scan a copy of a similar document, though without purporting to know the meaning of life, merely claiming to be a diagram of The Wheel of Life.  Which looks much better than aronimus’ grainy image, so here it is.

Wheel of life

Wheel of life

Bask in its awesomeness!  If you click on it, it’s actually big enough to read the text, no less.  Anyways, it all about being born and marrying and rooting and breeding and cheating and ultimately dying.   While all this is going on, one is dodging or embracing the influences of te poaka (police), suits, love, crims and beggars among other things.  So armed with this legendary piece of A4 born wisdom, may thou safely navigate the influences on your horizons.  Make of it what thou will.

Go forth and be born and live full lives and die a good death!  Amen.


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Harun takes the dog for a morning walk in Eketahuna and does some Qigong next to an electrified compound.

The sun did stream in this morning and Harun did venture forth from the freezing cold confines of his caravan.  By night there is a tendency for the skies to clear and many a star can be seen.  The milky way shows itself in magnificent brilliance.  So quiet too….  very peaceful!  Except it is bitterly cold and after a brief observance of the workings of the universe, Harun is forced inside to the relative comfort of his cheap Warehouse oil column heater.  There are benefits to this, for Harun needeth no refrigerator.  Here merely places his milk and beers outside the door.

Cliff Walk - Eketahuna

Vertically growing tree on Cliff Walk.

Having consumed breakfast he took the family dog Mate aka Pukanani aka Manatle for a walk around this small town.   This included Eketahuna’s one and only walking track,  Cliff Walk.   Harun mused unto himself that a rather nice walk it is too.  The sun was streaming down and Harun took in the vista of tree and river and State Highway 2.   This was pleasing unto Harun and he declared this to henceforth be, his super secret gong spot!  It also happened to be right next to some random survivalist’s electrified compound.  There was a 2 metre high electric fence and video cameras and warning signs though the place was clearly uninhabited at present.  He proceed to engage in the Chinese monastic Qigong system Jen Jhi Dao (Pearl Way of Heaven) in front of the local bovine community.  They were not very interested, in fact they were blissfully unaware as they milled about on the river flats below, munching grass and chewing cud.  Mate performed his own gongs the whole time, by gleefully excavating dirt around an old pine tree.  Harun shall go further into Jen Jhi Dao at a later date for it would seem the internet knows not of its very existence.

Ancient Ruins of The Eketahuna Tennis Club

The ancient tennis club ruins situated at Eketahuna

Feeling both relaxed and invigorated from his exertions, Harun and Mate carried on their way.  They came upon a pine forest…  an  overgrown and broken forest it was.   They ventured forth and the forest did yield a large clearing which contained the magnificent ruins of the old Eketahuna Tennis Club.  Some miscreant had sprayed “FTP” upon the wall in blatant disregard for a place of such historic significance!

Now satisfied with their morning adventures, the pair did stroll on back to the abode.


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Historic Eketahuna through the lens of aronimus.

Here we have an image of the bush being cleared in order to establish the town of Eketahuna.  Way, way back in the pioneering days… aronimus did lurk in the bushes observing the locals.  Much like David Attenborough but with an anthropological bent.  With the application of camouflage, stealth and great skill he did take this shot with his trusty pocket camera.  We see here in plain view, those classic tools of the early Scandinavian settler…  the Toyota Hilux and the bulldozer.

Historic Eketahuna

Historic Eketahuna in the days of the pioneers


Here we have another image of the Toyota Hilux Spray Wagon.  That great weapon against the troublesome gorse scourge the moved in to replace the native forest that had been felled.

Historic Eketahuna

Toyota Hilux Spray wagon


Tagging along beside is that mighty hunter of the wild New Zealand bush, the golden labrador.






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