He we see primordial forces at work.  Engaged in the process of creation.

Primordial forces.   A cosmic influence from space  interacts with the young planet.  Elements and strange gravitational forces combine to form a biosphere.

Primordial Forces and the Process of Creation - aronimus

Here we see primordial forces engaged in the process of creation.

Pondering on creation.

Many a man hour has been spent musing on how this all came about.  Religion and Science strive to answer these questions.  Was there a big bang?  A colossal explosion and every thing formed aimlessly from there.  This image could indeed fit in with such a scenario.  Intelligent design.  Did an almighty being construct all that we are now part of?  This image could be a representation of that too.  It is a depiction of the forces at play.  Melding together.. rearranging.   Everything finding its place in the world.

A place for everything, everything in its place – Benjamin Franklin

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