Here the woman from the previous work is fused with the outline of the reef at Castlepoint on the Wairarapa Coast.

On his last visit Mick aka Mikail bin Perci did announce to his son Harun that “the monkeys were at Castlepoint”.  He had been hitting his moonshine from the bin Perci distillery, but Harun did listen unto him anyway.  He spoke of sitting there drinking with a mate some years back, looking upon the reef.  His mate was getting weirded out as the rocks were all looking like primates as the shadows changed during the day.  Harun had indeed noticed that the end of the reef did look like a large primate muzzle and brow.      Mikail did say that his mother grew up just down the road at Mataikona, which Harun doth translate as a nook with a tree in it.    She sayeth that back in the past the local Maori wouldn’t go out on the reef.

Harun doth believe that the reef  is indeed a spiritual place and there be a lot of energy there.   One should sit against the light house at night looking out to sea.  The multiple beams of light appear to curve as if some great dome and the galaxy can be seen in great detail.  Harun muses to himself that this indeed could be the makings of another great work.

This creation has nothing to do with primates nor the beams of light.  Through practicing her gong on the reef she has somehow generated some form of organic fractal membrane across the sky opening into a Mandelbrot shaped rift where she can see her own iris which appears almost as a sun along with other solar system related material.  Maybe this is a vision of her own retina.

Cosmic energies about the Castlepoint Reef

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