Harun prepares an abode

On May 14, 2014, in Musing, by aronimus

Harun set foot upon his new lands and did find it pleasing.

Immediately he went to work with the tools of the region, being a tractor with a front end loader and a chainsaw.    He did toil all day long and prepare for himself an abode.   There was a sound location in the corner of a paddock occupied by a dead plum tree, a catholic berry tree and various miscellanea such as corrugated iron, railway sleepers and old Totara fence posts.  With much physical toil and skilled loader operation Harun did clear the area and place Benehines caravan there.  Now there be a large pile of wood ready to be cut up for ceremonial immolation and a worthy abode.

The caravan be attached to the main grid and is soon to have running water.   It has a nice hedge to the west.  Facing the north it doth receive all day sun and looks upon a vista of grass, trees and miscellaneous agricultural relics, potentially from the last century.

There be sheep in the next paddock and hawks fly over head in search of prey.

Harun did ponder upon this new abode and realise that it really had all one could ask for.  Shelter,  Running water and electricity.  People struggle their whole lives to pay off some suburban hovel.  Even more, they continually upgrade, trying to climb that ladder.  Striving for a bigger and better abode.  Maybe a simple life and lodgings could be the answer.


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