Beer or contemplation on greater things

On May 17, 2014, in Digital, Musing, by aronimus

The artist sits here musing into his visual diary.  Beer or contemplation on greater things.

Having consumed a number of beers he pauses to consider…  should I have a couple more beers and a feed of noodles?   Should I be content with this?  Or should I seek something greater.

Maybe that is what is happening here.
Maybe he’s tripping out, that temples doing some weird warpy shit man… and just maybe a beer and a feed of noodles just might put things straight.  Not sure who normally eats noodles when they’re drinking beers.     Whatever is going on, that crow is looking on as always…

Beer or contemplation on greater things

the artist aronimus sits musing into his visual diary. Images of his past experience warp in the background.

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