DIY Fender Mustang Footswitch

On April 7, 2016, in Projects, by aronimus

How to build a single button foot switch for a Fender Mustang guitar amplifier.

So I bought this Fender Mustang II amp cheap like at Cashies and it sounds awesome!  I noticed it has a port for a foot switch.  Thinking this would be rather useful, but being constrained by the limited availability of products here in NZ.  I decided to use a bit of kiwi ingenuity and make my own!


Fender Mustang Footswitch 2

Just like a bought one!

How it works.

The foot switch functionality for a Fender Mustang is rather limited.  It basically lets you choose between your two most favourite presets.  When the switch is on it selects one, when it’s off it selects the other.  To achieve this you need a DPDT switch, rather than the other types…


Parts you will need.

You will need these measly few items, all available from Jaycar for less than 20 bucks.

6.5mm Mono Chassis Socket
DPDT Switch
Some form of robust container

You can use any sort of random tin that fits the switch, some people on the interwebs use Altoid tins.  I just bought a plastic enclosure, they have aluminium ones too, just in case you fear stomping right through a plastic one in the anticipated excitement of cranking on that overdrive for the next lead break.


Fender Mustang Footswitch 1

Parts you will need



Mounting the components.

1. Mount the socket in the end of the enclosure.  I’d suggest measuring it and putting it in the middle, unless you’re a hoary bastard or come from Eketahuna.  An 8.5mm drill bit makes the perfect orifice.  Might pay to use a smaller bit first.

2. Mount the switch about a 3rd of the way in from the opposite end from the socket.  Unless you’re an engineer you probably wont have a drill bit big enough to drill the hole for the switch.  Just drill it with the largest one you have and file it out with a round file.  Go easy, it doesn’t take too many passes to get a big enough hole.


Wiring it up.

Excuse my crappy soldering and wiring layout.  Call it creative license…   Doesn’t matter which way around you get the wires as long as they’re on the correct terminals on the switch.  You can poke them through the hole and try them out before soldering.


Mustang Footswitch wiring

Wire it up


And that’s all there is to it.   Plug it in with an instrument cable and you’re done.

Conclusions on the DIY Fender Mustang Footswitch

It works sweet as and looks just like a bought one.  Dare I say, better than the one Fender makes 😀


Post a comment if you have any questions and I shall endeavour to reply.