The full moon is upon us and lunatics such as myself be feeling it’s pull.  Lets just say I’m operating in verbose mode.

So I had the most intense dream last night…

I was showing some people, my kids I think, how to do some gardening. The garden was a small rectangle on a large plain with small seedlings in it. I started dancing around and chanting American Indian styles in jest when it started to sound really realistic and powerful, then changed into the weird harmonic chanting that some spiritual types do. Then I started levitating.. then soared into the sky, then all went black and I plummeted… and woke up, except I wasn’t awake as I was peering through half lidded eyes at slow scrolling old dot matrix printouts of financial data and mug shots of corporate suits and a full page ascii text rose.

This symbolically powerful dream has been rather inspiring.  The experience was so enjoyable I felt compelled to post it on Facebook no less!

The best interpretation I was given was this…

This is about the potential conflict between the possibility of spiritual fulfillment and the fulfillment of the true self versus the necessity of dealing with the real world. Plummeting in a flying dream points to a difficulty in controlling the situation. The part where the chanting started to sound loud and powerful reveals a latent inner spiritual strength that is possibly being misused.   Thank you Andrew Ginther!

So I did some research into this” harmonic chanting” or overtone singing, which I recall seeing on An Idiot Abroad once.  Great show by the way!

And I discovered the very talented (not to mention, attractive… when shes got hair.  I haven’t totally transcended earthly desire… : ) Anna-Maria Hefele…

I sent a link to a friend, and the reaction was highly amusing.  He instantly turned it off, in a response akin to putting one’s hand into boiling water.  Funny the affect such influences can have on those that prefer to keep that side of their being repressed.  He was totally rattled by it, to the point he wouldn’t discuss it and scornfully accused your humble narrator of thinking he was some great psychologist when trying to query the response.

This classical piece is great, they’re right into it!

The 2 tone thing also got me thinking about an awesome book I read once (ok, 3 times) by Tim Powers.   A dystopian post apocalyptic future incorporating cults, drugs and a selfish mans path to humanity.  Highly recommended.

Tim Powers

The power of the music also stirred memories of back when I was living in Edinburgh, I used to head down to Giles Cathedral every week and listen to them crank up the huge pipe organ they’ve got there.  Sitting there in the middle of the pews with space all around I could feel the music, right to the core.  An intense experience it was.  You could see how the church could have so much power back in the past.  That huge stone building and the powerful effect of the music on ones soul.  Now it’s nothing out of the ordinary, in that we can have music wherever we go.  Corporate towers now soar above the great cathedrals of old.  I recall doing some drawings depicting that, quite some time ago.   Random work doodlings…   Though that said, there was still something intensely moving about that organ in this time of endless distractions.


St Giles Cathedral – Edinburgh


Anyways, the Anna-Maria Hefele path steered me in the direction of the work of photographer  Christian Martin Weiss.

Christian Martin Weiss

Awesome stuff, a little unnerving too.

It’s now 12:34am…  time for me to transcend this earthly sphere and head for the stars… well, for another couple of days until the effects of the full moon wears off.
Shit, the moons not even really full yet but it’s rocking it’s way though it’s home in Cancer…



Anyone remember this guy…