Balance and the Middle Path

On October 30, 2014, in Musing, by aronimus

Behold. aronimus, artist and sage has returned! Having shed the winter cocoon of my alter ego Harun Bin Perci Al-Zelandi, I return to you now in the first person.

Having spent a restless night dreaming about password resets, I figured I really needed to put my brain to better use. 

So I had this thought that I felt the need to share….

Life is the meeting point between conflicting influences. One can swing wildly from influence to influence. One can latch on to a particular influence or group of influences and ride that to eternity. Or one can seek a middle path.

Some would call it a compromise. Others would look upon it as a vantage between two realms. A place where one can see both sides of things. Absorb what is useful from both viewpoints, whilst subscribing to neither in particular. From such a vantage one can be a conduit between two worlds. A source of integration between two or more viewpoints.  With purity and dedication , one could be a source of harmony like unto the Buddha or Jesus.

The middle path.  Kudos to whoever took this photo.  Thanks wiki!

Picture a ridge between two valleys. Both valleys are lush and habitable, comforting and desirable, though very different.  A pilgrim traversing the ridge can gaze down upon both valleys.  See the benefits of both with clarity.  It is relatively easy to stay on the ridge but one could say, ultimately unfulfilling* for one is experiencing life as a mere observer.  A tourist.

One can descend from the lofty heights of the ridge down into one valley or another.  In doing so, however, one loses clarity for the other valley is now obscured by the ridge.  Once engaged in the descent, the gravity that kept one stable on the ridge, now sets to the task of pulling one into the valley.  Down amongst the symbolic trees and hedgerows of its associated world view.

Descend far enough and gravity becomes a mighty force that works against the pilgrim.  The effort required to trudge back up can be demoralising.  The former vantage on the ridgeline, seemingly  insurmountable.

Balance, or a lack there of, be where you position yourself on that ridge.


*p.s. Maybe that ridgeline isn’t so unfulfilling after all, for there just might be another tourist up there too.  Preferably one with big hooters and a penchant for outdoor sex  🙂


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